Summit Sahara Tube with LED Light Bar

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Finished in a stealthy Integrit™ textured black powder coat, the Summit Sahara tube with Light Bar features 10x integrated 20” OSRAM LED lights to illuminate the road ahead in a variety of driving conditions. 

Manufactured from extruded aluminium for superior strength, the light bar’s turned reflectors create a defined beamline that’s specifically designed as a spot/flood combination to complement the OE headlight light spread; providing up to 445m @ 1 Lux and up to 44m spread of light.

The tube’s aluminium body and high-pressure die-cast aluminium end caps enable heat dissipation for added longevity to the LEDs, while a light tint added to the polycarbonate lens ensures a non-obtrusive look. 


- Unique reflector design to provide good distance and width for highway driving
- Virtually indestructible hardened polycarbonate lens
- Extruded aluminium body finished in black powder coat
- Comes pre-assembled in Sahara Tube kit. Vertical adjustment provided through rear of Sahara tube
- Sahara Tube features additional openings to allow air flow over and around the LED light bar
- Over and under voltage protection
- Reverse polarity protection
- Breather with pressure-tested seal
- Vibration and UV tested
- Thermal management
- Dust and waterproof to IP68
- Protected against radio frequency (RFI) and electromagnetic (EMC) interference
- Sahara tube finished in Integrit™ textured black powder coat

Kit includes LED light bar, Sahara Tube kit and top buffer section
Requires ARB wiring loom 3500810 for fitment

Technical Specifications:
- Input 12V to 48V
- Power 55 W
10 x OSRAM 6.5W LED’s
- Current draw 4.0A @ 14.2V

Output – RAW 4081 lumens – Effective 3866 lumens
1 Lux at 445m
Spread Horizontal 8° & Vertical 6°
Input Cable Length 550mm

Total Measurement: 494.4 x 35 x 67mm. Weight of LED Light bar 1.25kg

* Warranty 3 years
Suitable for use with ARB driving light loom 3500810