Pump Up Kit

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ARB have redesigned this kit from the ground up.
Every single component is an all-new part, manufactured to the highest degree of tolerances and quality.

- High-temperature air hose with US standard fittings, 7m (23’) in length and rated to 150psi (10 bar).
- 1x quick-connect ARB Air Coupling with Dust Cap.
- 1x quick-connect ARB Tyre Inflation Chuck.
- 1 x t-piece adaptor.
- 1x tyre bead seating fitting.
- 1x inflation accessory kit.

The all-new hose is seven metres in length vs the previous six metres product allowing for use with bigger vehicles and less bends. It’s now made from a more durable and user-friendly material sourced from Japan for its high-quality internal structure, which also prevents kinking and unwanted bending during use.

An all-new improved Air Coupling has been designed and produced to ensure air leaks are a thing of the past and it also includes a dust cap now

Another key element to this kit is the ARB Tyre Inflator Chuck. Designed to be a quick connect and disconnect head, it makes tyre inflation an absolute breeze. Best of all, it securely grips the tyre valve preventing leaks and the need to hold it in place while inflating or deflating. Simply click it on and let it do the work. The ergonomic handle makes handling that much easier too.

Warranty: 3 Years
Conditions apply. Refer to individual warranty statements affixed to each product.