LED Combination Lamp Trailer Kit

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Suitable for small/medium utes, trucks, trailers.

Convenient mounting base with multiple fixing points.
Easy fitment to most trailers/vehicles.

Better Visibility, More Safety:
Distinctive lit up appearance on rear position/stop function increases visibility and awareness.

Low power consumption. Long service life:
Economical running costs.

Tough under pressure:
Completely sealed, maintenance free. Designed to withstand high pressure washing and temporary submersion.

Reliable. Durable ultra long service life:
Superior materials feature UV, corrosion, impact and shock resistance ensuring an ultra long service life.

Kit Contents:

Each trailer lamp kit contains:
1 x 2394 Stop/rear position/rear direction indicator lamp with reflex reflector.
1 x 2395 Stop/rear position/rear direction indicator/number plate lamp function with reflex reflector.
8 pcs 8231S Crimp connector with heat shrink insulation.

Voltage: Multivolt for optimum brightness in 12 and 24 volt systems.

Cable Length: Each lamp pre-wired with 0.5m of sheathed multi-core cable.

Lens Material: Grilamid®                                                                                                  ADR 6/00: Cat 2a                                                                                                                ADR 47/00
ADR 48/00
ADR 49/00

*Warranty: This LED-based lighting product carries a 5-year warranty covering faults in materials, components or workmanship.Compliance