KT Solar 12V 5 Watt Solar Panel

SKU: KT70714
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Product Info:
The KT 5 Watt, 12v Single Cell Mono-crystalline Solar Panel (Model No. KT70714) is ideal for a variety of home applications. Including trickle charging small batteries i.e power garden lighting and surveillance cameras.  

- 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel 
- 3M positive and negative PV cables with alligator clips 
- Maintenance (Trickle) charging 12V lead acid batteries
- Can be used unregulated (without Solar Controller)
- Direct connection to batteries with 3M PV cables with positive/negative alligator clamps

Technical Specifications:
Height: 290mm 
Width: 160mm 
Depth: 17mm
Weight: 0.60kg

Warranty: 10 Years