KT Solar 4 Way DC Power Link Connector

SKU: KT70601
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Product Info:
Suitable for 12/24V, solar, deep cycle batteries, lighting, camping, fridges, air compressors, camping, marine, 4WD & caravaning applications. An Omni-directional, 50 amp power source suitable for 12V/24V applications. The DC Power Link is a unique product and is designed to make powering your off road 4x4, camping and caravan trips easier.

- 4 input/outputs that can support up to 3 individual inputs from a battery source or 12V     solar
- Suitable for use with any 12V/24V applications including 12V solar, deep cycle                   batteries, lighting, marine and camping applications
- LED indicator shows live circuit once input has been connected
- 4 mounting points (Stainless steel hardware incl)
- Dust proof and splash proof

Technical Specifications:
Length: 86mm
Width: 86mm
Height: 22mm