KT Solar 12V 40 Watt Solar Panel

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Product Info:
Designed for installation on 4WD, caravans, campers, motorhomes, charging small 12v boat & jet-ski batteries. 
Ideal for home & rural applications, including 12V home surveillance systems, garden lighting, irrigation systems, electric fences and electric gates.
Requires regulation from solar charge controller. Suited to KT Solar Controller Model no. KT70755.
- Monocrystalline, 12V solar panel 
- 900mm positive & negative PV cables with MC4 connectors 
- Maintenance (trickle) charging
- Ideal for installation on 4wd's, caravans, small boats and jet ski
- Ideal for 12V home use
- Requires solar charge controller

Technical Specifications:
Height: 420mm 
Width: 670mm 
Depth: 25mm
Weight: 3.20kg

Warranty: 10 Years