KT Solar 12V 10 Watt Solar Panel

SKU: KT70715
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Product Info:
Designed for maintenance charging/ trickle charging of 12V lead-acid batteries that power garden lighting, 12V water pumps, jet-ski batteries, moped batteries, motorcycle batteries & lawn mower batteries. Easy direct connection to batteries with 3M PV cables with positive (+) & negative (-) alligator clamps.

- 12V Monocrystalline solar panel
- 3M positive & negative PV cables with alligator clamps 
- Designed for maintenance charging (trickle charging)
- Can be used unregulated (without solar controller)

Technical Specifications:
Height: 355mm 
Width: 225mm 
Depth: 17mm
Weith: 1.10kg

Warranty: 10 years