KT Solar 120W Solar Mat/ Single Row Kit

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Product Info:
The new KT Solar 120W, 12V Portable Folding Solar Mat is designed for ultimate solar performance. Featuring 6 powerful monocrystalline cells in a 20W configuration. Unique and compact size, the 120w Portable Folding Solar Mat can either lay flat or hang via corner eyelets for maximum solar positioning. Conveniently, the 120W Mat's design allows it to fold down into a convenient carry bag with room for all leads and accessories. 
KT solar 120W portable folding solar mat also comes equipped with a 10Amp, 12V PWM Solar Controller, which displays battery voltage, battery capacity percentage, ambient temperature & load mode. 

- 6 x 20W powerful Monocrystalline Cells
- Unique, compact for storage convenience
- Compatible with wet, AGM & calcium batteries
- Ideal for camping, 4wd & outdoor applications
- Includes 10Amp PWM solar charge controller and 50A heavy duty connector, 550mm       lead
- Unique Neoprene carry pouch

Technical Specifications:
Folded: 395mm x 360mm x 80mm 
Unfolded: 2285mm x 360mm x 5mm