Jack - Hydraulic Long Travel

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For any off road tourer, it’s a well-known fact that no matter how precisely a trip may be organised, things don’t always go as planned; and when it comes to prepping your rig ready to kick up some dirt and battle the toughest terrains, you can count on the ARB JACK to have your back when tackling the trickiest of recovery missions.

Powerful Hydraulic Technology:
Adding a new dimension to traditional techniques, the long-travel ARB JACK is backed by the unique power of hydraulic technology. Kicking into action when even the lightest force is applied to the handle, the hydraulics will smoothly jack the vehicle up at up to 13mm increments with each downward manoeuvre. Whilst in action, a black rubber body bumper shields the vehicle from risk of damage during the recovery. The easy-to-access red lowering lever ensures lowering the vehicle is achieved swiftly and safely thanks to the two-stage descent feature and safety stop. Empowering the user with dual lowering speeds, with a press of the lever, a slow or rapid descent can be achieved.

Keeping a Low Profile:
Carefully designed upon the importance of matching ergonomic form with safe and reliable function, the handle’s high position and top pivot function provides users with ultimate control while preventing the need to uncomfortably kneel down in a deep trench to operate.

Ready for Heavy Lifting:
Built tough to take on the grunt of the most challenging recovery missions, alike to the heavy-duty Old Man Emu BP-51 shock absorbers, JACK’s body is made from aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminium for maximum strength. Running up the body, 9 hooking points offer the adjustable hook a wide range of lifting heights; capable of lifting up to a total of 2,000kg. When under load, an internal blow-off valve provides overload protection to safeguard both JACK and most importantly, the user, from the dangerous consequence of the vehicle suddenly dropping if the working limit is exceeded. JACK’s body can be  rotated 360° to align the pivoting foot to match the terrain.

JACK is compliant with the following standards and regulations:

  • AS/NZ 2693 – 2007
  • ASME B 30.1 – 2015


- Minimum lifting height: 160mm
- Maximum lifting height: 710 – 1,230mm
- Travel: 540 – 550mm
- Lifting range: 160 – 1,230mm
- Maximum capacity: 2,000kg
- Compressed height: 890mm
- Extended height: 1,432mm
- Weight: 10.5kg
- Lift per stroke: 13mm