Intelli-Start Lithium Jumpstarter 12V 900A

SKU: IS920
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Product Info:

A super compact lithium jump starter capable of starting vehicles up to 6.0L petrol. Ideal for ride on mowers through to 4 & 6 cylinder petrol cars.


Rapid Recharge Technology. Replenishes discharged power in 40 seconds, when left connected to vehicle’s battery.

Spark-free Clamps. The premium clamps won’t spark if they’re incorrectly connected, and they won’t damage the vehicle’s electronics

Powerbank and USB Charging Ports. Allows charging of phones and other portable devices on the go. USB-A charging port enables easy recharging

LED Work Light. A powerful 0.5 Watt/ 180 lumen LED flood light with SOS function

Compact. Featuring removable clamps and a padded storage bag, the jump starter will fit in most glove-boxes

Warranty: 2 Years.