Flinders Rooftop Tent

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Compact - Airy - Lightweight - Low Profile 

Bring ease and convenience to your next camping trip with ARB’s new Flinders Rooftop Tent. A comfortable, easy-to-set-up tent allows you greater flexibility when setting up camp wherever you are.

When packed, the new ARB Flinders Rooftop Tent has a lower profile by 100 millimetres in comparison to ARB’s current and popular ARB Simpson Rooftop Tent.

A lower packed height means less wind drag and less overall height to your vehicle. The removable ladder means you can choose to either keep the ladder on the roof or stow it away elsewhere when touring or during the day-to-day.
Without the ladder affixed, the overall height of the tent when packed is just 200 millimetres.
The ladder adds an additional 100 millimetres. The overall compact size of the ARB Flinders tent when packed allows for improved aerodynamics as well as improved access to low roof areas and tracks with low canopies. 
Despite the space saving when the ARB Flinders Rooftop Tent is packed down, when it’s time to pop the top, you will enjoy a larger overall internal space over the Simpson Rooftop Tent.  Set-up is a breeze; after unzipping the cover and leveraging open the tent with the ladder, all the internal poles sequentially fan out into place. It is then as simple as sliding the extendable poles into their final position, just like the ARB awning.
The curved roof poles provide improved head height and also the removal of flat surfaces that can occur with the use of straight poles. This prevents water from pooling and provides an improved curve for water runoff, reducing potential damage from water and ponding.
The bed space is 2,400 millimetres long by 1,400 millimetres wide with a maximum head space of 1,200 millimetres in the centre
The PVC cover has some new and handy features including a pull-over clip lock similar to a traditional Ute tonneau cover as well as a sturdy zip.  The PVC cover unlike other roof top tents also remains fully attached during set-up, which improves set-up and pack-down time while also saving the bother of storing the cover and reducing the chances of getting yourself dirty when getting ready for bed.

Occupants will enjoy a total of five zippered windows, including an ARB SkyDdome Swag like stargazing window on the roof (Skylight). Each window features a dual, solid and midge proof mesh screen. Both side windows and the tent entrance are equipped with rain and sun awning shelters that require no ropes or ground poles. The head-end and roof windows feature roll-up solid screens, which can be accessed from inside the tent when set up.  Additionally, a specially designed vent is incorporated to ensure maximum airflow and reduced condensation inside the tent.
And then adding the cherry on the top, the ARB Flinders Rooftop Tent is equipped with an internal light and USB charging port that can be easily connected to your vehicle’s 12-volt outlet.


- Canvas: 300gsm poly cotton rip-stop canvas & 420D oxford polyester fly for sunroof & window awnings.  Coated in a UV resistant & mould proof coating to improve the longevity of the tent.
- Outer Grey Cover: 600gsm heavy duty PVC cover
- Mesh: Midge proof mesh
- Windows: 3 + 1 x Door Entry, 1 x skylight & 1 All-weather ventilation port
- Seams: Internal seam sealing and bar tack stitching on tensioned areas.
- Zips: Self repairing coil zips
- Base: ABS laminated insulated aluminum internal frame
- Frame: Internal metal camlock bows with 25mm diameter frame
- Ladder: Aluminium sliding ladder – 120kg rating (264.5lbs)
- Lighting: 300lumen LED touch lamp, 2 x USB sockets @ 2.1a & 12V Cig socket
- Mattress: 50mm (1.96”) high density foam mattress with bedding retention straps.
- Storage pockets: 4pc

Additional items: Shoe pockets, pack down bungee cords, 5m lighting cable extension, instructions, mounting kit and hardware,

Warranty: 3 Years
Conditions apply. Refer to individual warranty statements affixed to each product.