Fastener Pouch - BFP

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Introducing the Buckaroo Fastener Pouch - the first clip-on tool belt component from Buckaroo. With its simplicity and versatility, this little beauty is perfect for everyone from entry-level tradies to the most skilled tradesperson.
This multi-purpose pouch can be clipped on for extra room when you need it, then pulled off when you've finished the job. Sleek and accommodating, this pouch maintains style while allowing you to add extra room and easy access, keeping your favourite tools where they belong - present and at the ready.
The Buckaroo pouch features an open shape for easy hand-to-fastener access, quick access front slots suitable for pencils, punches, and drill bits. The main pocket can carry a tape measure or chalk line with fasteners, and a spring clip on the back enables carrying on the belt, nail bag pocket, pant pocket, or anything else that provides easy access.
Increase the size and capacity of your rig by clipping one or maybe two Buckaroo Pouches onto whatever you can - your Buckaroo belt, another pouch, or even your Buckaroo braces. Don't miss out on the ultimate in convenience and organisation - add the Buckaroo Pouch to your tool belt today.