Elevated-Feed Radio Antenna UHF CB

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GME’s range of elevated-feed UHF CB radio antennas provide a gain of 6.6 dBi for a great all round performing antenna.

Elevated-feed antennas provide high performance in virtually any mounting position.

The elevated feed-design helps raise the radiating element above the vehicle roof or other obstructions to provide a strong, omni-directional pattern and high performance when mounted on a vehicle gutter, fender or bull bar.

The ability to remove the 6.6dBi whip and replace with a smaller 2.1dBi option allows for a broader radiation pattern which is less likely to be affected by obstacles.

These antennas are a popular choice for the heavy vehicle industry and agricultural vehicles.

It is recommended that the AE4012 are NOT mounted on the bull bar of diesel vehicles.

Product Details:

Key Features:
- Elevated-Feed Base.
- Stainless Steel Whip.
- Ground Independent Design.
- 6.6dBi Gain.
- Length: 780mm.

In The Box:
- 6.6dBi Stainless Steel Antenna Whip (AE4012)
- Elevated-Feed Base & Lead Assembly (ABL002)
- PL259 Antenna Plug (PL2592S)

Warranty: 1 Year
Conditions apply. Refer to individual warranty statements affixed to each product.