Base Rack Wiring Kit No Wires Provision

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Say goodbye to the hassle of complicated wiring setups. With ARB BASE Rack’s innovative development, their engineers have created a sleek wiring solution for your accessories. Now, you can easily route your wiring from inside the vehicle through the roof, whether it’s a vehicle or canopy. This kit provides provision for 6 wires, allowing you to customise the wiring according to your specific requirements.

Upgrade your roof rack experience with ARB BASE Rack’s efficient wiring solution!

- Sealed wiring solution for passing wires through a vehicle roof.
- Seamless integration with ARB BASE Rack.
- Exit grommets to fit standard 10mm and 13mm OD conduit sizes.
- High quality automotive wire to JASO standards.
- Free from liquid adhesives.
- Disconnection kit to reseal roof exit points when rack is removed.