Auto Wire Stripper 0.08-16mm (12 52 195 SB)

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Product info:

KNIPEX PreciStrip16, Automatic Insulation Stripper
Simple, precise stripping of fine wires and solid round cables with a wide capacity range from 0.08 to 16 mm² with only one pair of pliers
Good grip provided by semi-circular grooved metal holding clamps; exact cut thanks to parabolic stripping blade
A patented automatism regulates the depth of the cut; the neutral point of the automatism can be adjusted in fine steps in special operating conditions (insulation material, temperature)
With adjustable length stop for precision work repeated accurately each time
Inscription area for customisation
Comfortable operation with ergonomic dual-component handle
With tether attachment point, suitable for KNIPEX Tethered Tools accessories
Easily replaceable blade cassette