24V 4 Pin Normally Open Mini Relay - 20A - Resistor

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Production expertise: HELLA produces more than 100 million relays per year. Thanks to optimised production HELLA can offer a competitive price for customers. HELLA relays have an extremely low failure rate.

OEM customers: HELLA develops and produces relays for AGCO, Claas, Daimler AG, Ford, VW, GM, JCB, Opel, Nissan, John Deere, Chrysler and Jaguar/Land Rover among others. We have been working with many customers for decades.

Voltage: 24V
Pins: 4 Pin
Function: Normally Open
Protection: Resistor
Pin Designations:
Terminal Number Connect to
85/2 Earth (end of winding to ground or negative).
86/1 Positive.
87/5 Output (to consumer e.g. driving lamp).
30/3 Positive supply (Input from + battery terminal, direct).
Maximum Load: 20A
Current Draw: 90mA
Bracket: Yes