24V 2100W Pro-Wave Inverter Pure Sine Wave

SKU: PW2100-24
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Product Info:
The 24V, PW2100 features 4200W startup to power very demanding 240V appliances on the go, including toasters, kettles and air conditioners. The Pro-Wave series employs pure sine wave technology to mimic the 240V mains power you use at home and is tested to deliver reliable performance in the harshest conditions.

- 4200W startup to power very demanding 240v appliances on the go including toasters,    kettles & air conditioners
- AS/NZ approved 240V output sockets, inverter designed to AS4763
- 2.1A USB-A & 18W USB-C output ports for charging most mobiles & portable devices
- Wiring kit includes battery lugs with 1100mm 35mm2 battery cable
- Remote control digital LCD display and remote control unit provides information on         battery voltage, power usage & load capacity
- 24 Volts

Technical Specifications:
Height: 114mm
Width: 272mm
Length: 442mm
Weight: 6.2kg

 Warranty: 3 Years.