12V 500W Pro-Wave Inverter Pure Sine Wave

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The ideal companion for taking creature comforts on the road. Delivers reliable power completely noise free, allowing sensitive devices to run wherever and whenever desired.

Key Features: Approved output socket, AS/NZ approved 240V sockets. LCD display provides information on battery voltage, power usage and load capacity.  USB output socket - 21.1A USB-A and 18W USB-C ports for charging most mobiles and portable devices.  Wiring kit has battery lugs with 1100mm 8mm2 battery cable.  Remote control has LCD display and remote control unit provides information on battery voltage and power usage.

Part No: PW500
Input: 12V DC, 49A Max.
No Load Current Draw: <0.9A.
Output: 240VAC, 50Hz (Pure Sine Wave).
Output Power: 500W Continuous, 600W 120% surge <10 minutes, 1000W 200% surge < 1 second.

Inverter Classification: Equipotentially Bonded (EPB).
Efficiency: 85%.
Low Battery Alarm: 10.5V (+0.3V).
Shutdown: 9.9V (+0.3V).
Cooling Fan: Automatic Temperature & Load Controlled.
Thermal Shutdown: 65֯ (+5֯֯C).
Internal Fuse: 80A.
Recommended External Fuse: 60A.
USB Output: USB-C 21W, USB-A 2.1A.
Ideal Battery Size: 35Ah and above.
Minimum Battery Size: 25Ah.
Run Time With 500W on 25Ah Battery: 30 minutes.
Run Time with 100w Globe on 25Ah Battery: 2.5 hours.
Approvals: Electrical Safety, EMC.

Warranty: 3 Years.