12/24V 2000A Intelli-Start Professional Lithium Jumpstarter

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Product Info:

A powerful and super compact jump starter capable of starting 12V and 24V vehicles up to 8.0L petrol and 7.0L diesel. Ideal for roadside assist, medium 12 or 24V trucks, agricultural and mid-sized earthmoving equipment.


LCD Colour Screen. Clear screen provides the user with information such as battery     voltage and diagnostic information.

Rapid Recharge Technology. Recharges the jump starter from the vehicle in just 40 seconds.

Automatic Voltage Detection. Detects the vehicles voltage when the clamps are connected and automatically selects 12 or 24 volt.

Set and Forget Docking Station. Allows the jump starter to be on charge during storage so it’s ready for use anytime.

No Solder High Current Connections. All wired connections within jump starter are crimped and bolted to ensure maximum reliability and current output.

Warranty: 2 Years